Nutree Red Chutney

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Green chutney made with fresh coconut, cilantro leaves, and green chillies is my condiment of choice for most of the times. On other days, the thought of eating same old chutney doesn’t excite me. Couple days back, I was in this state of mind. We needed some kind of chutney to go with mixed-dal uttapams, but I was not in mood to eat the green one. I kept flipping the pages of various cookbooks until I stumbled upon this recipe. The combination seemed intriguing enough: a sauteed and mellowed batch of tomatoes, whipped along with crunchy peanuts, and deeply toasted sesame seeds. The heat comes from Thai green chillies, a sure shot way to tingle your taste buds. I decided to add couple cloves of garlic to add a zing factor. The result exceeded my expectations. A quick saute of medley of ingredients, and a fast whirl in a food processor delivered a slightly tangy, moderately hot, and a marvelously smooth peanuty paste.
The chutney fits the bill on the nutrition front as well: Veggie, check. Protein, check. Complex carbs, check. Plus we get bonus vitamin A and C from green chillies. A perfect alternative for folks who want to limit their coconut intake (for saturated fats) but would like to continue eating chutneys.
Nutree Red Chutney
The combination of peanuts, tomatoes and sesame seeds works perfectly. However, I might try walnuts or even cashews instead of peanuts the next time. I have used ripe tomatoes here, but will try the green ones when they start making an appearance in the garden in few weeks. (we might need to rename the chutney then). Substitute a teaspoon of dark sesame oil if you don’t have sesame seeds on hand. Use Serrano or Jalapeno peppers as a quick replacement for Thai green chilies. If you like your food on a spicier side, try Thai green chillies instead. They can be found at most Asian grocery stores. Adjust the spiciness of chutney by adding more or less chillies.
Adapted from: Navavadhusathi Pakakriya (a marathi cookbook)
2 tomatoes, diced medium
3 Thai green chillies
2 tbsp sesame seeds
2 handfuls raw peanuts
2 cloves of garlic
1 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp cumin seeds
1 tsp raw cane sugar
1/2 tsp salt
Heat olive oil in a wide pan. Saute sesame seeds and peanuts on a medium heat for a minute. Add chopped tomatoes, chillies and garlic. Give a quick stir and cover the pan. Lower the heat and let tomatoes cook. This will take 3 or maybe 4 minutes. Take the lid off, give another stir, and take the pan off the heat. Let the mixture cool. Put the mixture from pan, cumin seeds, salt and sugar in a blender (alternatively in a food processor), and grind until the the chutney transforms into a smooth paste. If needed, incorporate a tablespoon of water at a time to help the blending process.   

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